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Improve Herald Rule execution speed for Personal Herald rules by avoiding expensive lookup for all adapters and instead use specific adapter check
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Authored by artms on Sep 12 2018, 11:15 AM.


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Adapter permission lookup is quite expensive, here we avoid looking up permissions for all adapters and instead search only one we need.

Test Plan

On empty phabricator instance (couple of users, projects) - this reduces *each* personal herald rule execution from 1.5ms to 0.3ms for Maniphest tasks.

For our production case it was reducing runtime from 20ms to 2-3ms for each Personal herald rule... We have large user base and some large projects.

This also reduces runtime for Personal Herald rules touching other objects, like differential...

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artms added inline comments.

I think this is equivalent to getEnabledAdapterMap(PhabricatorUser $viewer) but without querying all adapters, hope so...

Anything? This improves herald rule performance...

See T13196 -- anything which isn't coming through a support pact may take a very long time to get to, since you're behind all open requests from paying customers.

Uh, sorry, didn't mean to step on toes, take your time :) Just wanted to share/upstream our findings which improve overall performance for large phab installations

On my personal resource limited RasberryPI alike server (4x1.2ghz ARM A53, 2GB ram, php 7.4.12) running Phabricator - this changes saves ~15ms of runtime (180ms vs 167ms after) when running:

./bin/herald test --object T19 --type HeraldManiphestTaskAdapter

It is pretty empty instance - 19 tasks, 1 user and 1 personal Herald rule...