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Allow search cluster path value point to alias for Elasticsearch fulltext engine
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Currently path value on -> host must point to existing index only but not an alias.
Configuring it as an alias works for indexing and search, but cluster statistics can not be viewed and Call to a member function hasAnyProperties() on boolean error is thrown.

Error is thrown because Phabricator can not find the index with given name.
To fix this it would be required perform additional query to elastichost/_aliases if index is not found. And then retrieve original index name from the alias.

@epriestley Let me know if you think this needs to be supported on upstream and I can provide a patch. Thanks!

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Pawka triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 5 2018, 6:09 AM
Pawka created this task.

(Just to set expectations, anything which isn't coming in through Support Pacts may take a very long time for us to get to.)

Even if I'd provide the diff?

Yes. The diff is a relatively small amount of the work I must do to respond to this issue: install ElasticSearch, configure it in the way you describe, reproduce the issue, write or apply a change, verify it actually fixes the problem, go read through the documentation enough that I'm confident the fix is the best available fix and that we've understood the issue reasonably well.

@epriestley: I can help with testing and validating on elasticsearch, if that helps at all.