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New quickstart sql

Authored by chad on Dec 13 2016, 11:40 PM.
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Update quickstart sql

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Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:3230TXT3Line Too Long
Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:3233TXT3Line Too Long
Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:6366TXT3Line Too Long
Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:6391TXT3Line Too Long
Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:6393TXT3Line Too Long
Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:6436TXT3Line Too Long
Warningresources/sql/quickstart.sql:6437TXT3Line Too Long
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Any particular reason to regenerate it?

my unit tests have been taking ages it feels

How fast are they on master versus after regenerating?

(There's no real reason not to regenerate this, but I'm a little squeamish about D17039 and this makes the bin/storage upgrade story more complicated.)

I ran it on two machines, maybe --everything is 20 seconds faster. No big deal to wait a few weeks.

Hmm, weird -- --everything only takes me 26 seconds total. I assume it's taking longer for you?

But yeah, let's wait a week or so just because I'm doing some really sketchy stuff in Differential.

Hmm, 2:10 on my dev machine vs. :26 on my mac.

is ur dev machine an original gameboy that you underclocked

i'll poke around, it's an intel nuc, reasonably quick

is ur dev machine an original gameboy that you underclocked

... is yours not?

... is yours not?

Heavens no! I use a hand-carved wooden abacus I made from some pond reeds and a few acorn shells.