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Support Custom Fields in List View
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Authored by avivey on Dec 7 2016, 12:54 AM.



Ref T418.
This adds values list, list.icon, list.label as described in T418#55775, and supports them in
Maniphest and in Differential.

Also modernized a bit the code that I actually went through wrt handles.

P2022 is an example of a custom Differential field that shows on the list.

Test Plan

pasted_file (651×664 px, 75 KB)

pasted_file (482×388 px, 28 KB)

Camera icon comes from "f1" field (Type text), and the orange USB is a boolean field.

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test plan seems dubious

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  • Remove a blank line
  • Allow users to shoot themselves in foot

Oh, using this on the list page might have a few more queries...

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this can be one loop


should be called getValueForListItem.

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  • some minor updates

I believe enabling this will add ~100-200 queries to the page and it's basically a nonstarter until we have a fix for that.

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  • use batch-loading system from D16351 to load fields.
  • update documentation.
  • hard-code fa- prefix for icons.

@epriestley: I think this one should actually be in Request Review state?

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Do "Request Review" again? I think this got stuck in a questionable state during a brief bug with T11114, but kicking it back and forth should clear things.

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