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Initial code-dump of Release
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Authored by avivey on Dec 2 2016, 9:34 PM.
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This is a dump of the Release code I have.

  • I took over the X monogram, because it was free and the wordsmith said it looks like "cutting". I don't mind giving it up, but it kinda lead into Y for change/pull requests.
  • This is more-or-less useless without adding a lot of custom actions, such as "create branch", "close branch", "deploy release to server", etc. Many of them are straight T182, and some may be implemented as build plans.
  • The code for Custom Actions is completely outside of this change right now - It's basically Event Listener adding buttons + custom TransactionTypes (P2009).
  • Major missing features include Release Plan and Change Request, all the Pipeline (Automation) features, and Artifacts. I plan to start with Change Request or maybe Artifacts.

More technical debt (For follow-ups / future):

  • UI for create release: like in Add Build Step, first select Release Plan, then fill in the rest of the stuff. Right now, I need custom create forms because I don't yet have Release Plan objects.
  • None of this staff is abstracted over VCS yet - it's all git. Although this mostly effects terminology, because there's very little code that actually does things...
  • expand transaction: in a couple of cases I need to (Mostly because of the custom actions thing; Either move to base ApplicationEditor, or find another solution on my end.
  • Release Statuses are a hard-coded list right now, but should probably be customizable at some point.
  • Edges: RepositoryInRelease?

Ref T9530

Test Plan

Mostly checked in the context of follow-up diffs :-/

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@epriestley: I'm not exactly sure this is ready, but this part of the code hasn't changed much recently.

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Is this one better?

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Add a Demo Template object to allow testing, and add some TODOs.

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  • Support custom fields; Some minor stuff.
  • add TODO and OPEN_QUESTIONS files.
  • Check that mail works
  • Policy to Create new Release
  • normalize filenames

this part is mostly done (Still not actually usable)

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