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Add a user field into aphlict configuration

Authored by tycho.tatitscheff on Apr 19 2016, 6:06 PM.


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As discussed on conpherence :

  • add an user field that is optional
  • verify that the user is not root
  • update the default config with en empty field, so we have an int that user field exists
  • if the user field exist in configuration and is not null : add a sudo into the command
  • update diviner documentation
  • correct the wording evrywhere so it sound english

I plan wording correction and test a little bit more edge cases.
But nothing that will really change the code structure so you can start reviewing
that if you got some times.

I hope that this contribution, on the contrary to previous ones, will match all the requirements.

Test Plan
  • I first removed ws from my mac so the command failed and thus so I can see the actuall command than run.
  • what was tested :
    • with empty user in config, it don't sudo
    • with no user in config, it don't sudo either
    • with 'blabla' user in config, it sudo and fail cause blabla is not an user

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I think it is now ready for review.

I basically fail to write some wordings that sound english and if possible funny.
Could you help me find something cool ?

Then, small question : is idx phabricator specific ? What is the point accessing an dictionnary with idx instead of dict['key']?

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Sorry, I'm a bit OCD about that...

@Mnkras : Ty. I was searching in rP.

@avivey : your welcome. My English is too bad. Thank you for helping me improve this.