Make logged-out users use global settings, not default settings


Make logged-out users use global settings, not default settings

Summary: Fixes T11917. Give logged-out / omnipotent users the global settings, not the default settings.

Test Plan: Changed applications and language, logged out, saw changes as a public user.

Reviewers: chad

Reviewed By: chad

Maniphest Tasks: T11917

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D16936

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aHa raised a concern with this commit.EditedDec 4 2016, 4:10 PM
aHa added a subscriber: aHa.

This works only for Installs with policy.allow-public=true. In my Install with policy.allow-public=false it don't change the language of the login mask, which is set by global setting on my install. (Set it to true and it works, but it has to remain at false)

File a bug report please.

and clear the concern, please.

@aHa can you clear this please. We don't want users raising concerns on this instance since it bypasses our bug reporting guidelines. We also only expect a concern to be raised in Audit if something is actually broken by the commit.

sorry, if it was wrong to post that here. I posted it here because the commit solves it only partly. I made a report: T11946