If "utf8mb4" is unavailable on the client, fall back to "binary"

Authored by epriestley on Jul 12 2016, 2:58 PM.


If "utf8mb4" is unavailable on the client, fall back to "binary"

Fixes T11291. It appears the issue there is:

  • Server which supports utf8mb4.
  • Client which does not.
  • The client fails to select utf8mb4 and falls back to utf8, which does not support 4-byte characters.
  • Inserting 4-byte characters fails.

The fix here is to fall back to binary instead of utf8. From T11291#185523, this appears to fix the issue in an environment where it previously reproduced.

This also appears fine locally (modern client + modern server), if I force a fallback from utf8mb4.

This should be free from weird side-effects (we verify UTF8 when building queries anyway; we use binary columns on older MySQL).

We could also just fail here, but that would probably force a large set of users running old MySQL to upgrade.

Test Plan:

  • See discussion in T11291.
  • Locally, forcing this fallback causes no obvious problems.

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