Provide base "Simplified" and "Traditional" Chinese locales


Provide base "Simplified" and "Traditional" Chinese locales

Fixes T11249. From what I can tell, the locale tree for Chinese looks like this in modern usage (maybe?):

  • zh_Hans Chinese (Simplified)
    • zh_ZH Chinese (Simplified, China)
    • zh_SG Chinese (Simplified, Singapore)
  • zh_Hant Chinese (Traditional)
    • zh_TW Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
    • zh_HK Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong)

Except that everyone disagrees and does different things and various standards define esoteric things like "zh-Hans-SG".

But I think inheriting them like this mostly makes sense, probably.

This just adds the base locales; we can add the child locales later to distinguish regional variance like "color" vs "colour".

Test Plan: Saw both options in the translation menu.

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