Allow LiskDAO to be forced to use a specific connection


Allow LiskDAO to be forced to use a specific connection

Ref T7522. This seems like the least-bad approach to a messy issue:

  • When backfilling accounts from an imported instance, I need to write ExternalAccount rows to the instance to link instance accounts with upstream accounts.
  • We do this in the daemons in some other cases, which lets us run all the code in the context of the instance. However, I really want to do this in-process here because it's way way simpler and we need to do writes to both the instance and the upstream, and they're interleaved, and they depend on one another.
  • I can hard-code the query with qsprintf() but that feels like 100x worse than this.

This allows me to do this:

id(new PhabricatorExternalAccount())

...and get a write to the instance database, which is at least not completely a minefield.

Test Plan: Backfilled instance accounts and got interleaved instance and upstream writes as expected.

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