Separate saved queries in applications into "personal" and "global" queries


Separate saved queries in applications into "personal" and "global" queries

Ref T12956. UI changes:

  • Administrators get a new [X] Save as global query option when saving a query.
  • "Edit Queries..." is split into "Personal" and "Global" sections. For administrators, each section can be edited. For non-admins, only the top section can be edited, but any query can be pinned.

A couple notes:

  • This doesn't support "pin for everyone by default". New users just get the first query from the bottom set. That seems reasonable for now.
  • Reordering is currently a little buggy (it works if you've reordered before, but not if you're reordering for the first time), but I need to migrate before I can fix / test that properly. So that'll get cleaned up in the next change or two.

Test Plan:

  • As an admin and non-admin, viewed, edited, disabled, saved-as-personal and saved-as-global various queries.

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Maniphest Tasks: T12956

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