Remove history query from DiffusionRepositoryController as it is unused


Remove history query from DiffusionRepositoryController as it is unused

The history query for the repository page isn't actually used to display any content. It looks like it was previously used to display the last user which modified a file however this looks to be removed in D21404. This removes the history query from happening as well as updates DiffusionBrowseTableView to remove the parameters for passing this information in, resulting in also updating DiffusionBrowseController to no longer need to put this information together.

Refs T13666

Test Plan:

  1. I removed commits from a repository on the local state.
  2. I navigated to the repository's landing page and saw that the landing page attempted to render content and only failed to load the browse files section.
  3. I navigated to the history tab and verified that it showed an exception about failing to query commit information.
  4. I restored the repository working state to function properly.
  5. I navigated to a repository's landing page and verified it loaded properly, including showing the last modified date for each file.
  6. I navigated to the Code, Branches, Tags, and History tabs to verify each tab page loaded properly.
  7. I verified on the Code tab that the last modified date for each file displayed properly.

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