Restore support for using "arc download" to fetch files with no "security.


Restore support for using "arc download" to fetch files with no "security.alternate-file-domain"

Fixes T13132. I removed this branch in D19156 when tightening the logic for the new CSP header, but there's a legitimate need for it: downloading files via arc download, or more generally being an API consumer of files.

This is not completely safe, but attacks I'm aware of (particularly, cookie fixation, where an attacker could potentially force a victim to become logged in to an account they control) are difficult and not very powerful. We already issue clear setup advice about the importance of configuring this option ("Phabricator is currently configured to serve user uploads directly from the same domain as other content. This is a security risk.") and I think there's significant value in letting API clients just GET file data without having to jump through a lot of weird hoops.

Test Plan:

  • With security.alternate-file-domain off, tried to arc download a file.
  • Before: downloaded an HTML dialog page.
  • After: downloaded the file.

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Maniphest Tasks: T13132

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D19421