Generate expected schemata for User/People tables


Generate expected schemata for User/People tables

Ref T1191. Some notes here:

  • Drops the old LDAP and OAuth info tables. These were migrated to the ExternalAccount table a very long time ago.
  • Separates surplus/missing keys from other types of surplus/missing things. In the long run, my plan is to have only two notice levels:
    • Error: something we can't fix (missing database, table, or column; overlong key).
    • Warning: something we can fix (surplus anything, missing key, bad column type, bad key columns, bad uniqueness, bad collation or charset).
    • For now, retaining three levels is helpful in generating all the expected scheamta.

Test Plan:

  • Saw ~200 issues resolve, leaving ~1,300.
  • Grepped for removed tables.

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