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why won't phabricator make me a sandwich?
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Dec 9 2015, 6:40 PM
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sudo -u phabricator make me a sandwich

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To clarify, you want Phabricator to turn you into a sandwich?

What kind of sandwich do you desire to be, in your heart of hearts?

I think you forget the root problem.

Why you want a sandwich ? -> Are you hungry ?
Why are you hungry ? -> You haven't eat for days ?
Why haven't you eat for days ? -> You spend so much time in phabricator ?
Why you spend so much time on phab ? Cause it is awesome ?
Why it is awesome ? cause @epriestley and @chad ar awesome !

So @epriestley and @chad are the root problem !

Is phabricator the name of the user running the daemons? Is that the same as the user running the web server? Permissions between these users can be a problem.

Please post your Makefile.

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