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Be able to execute a partial text search for custom Maniphest field
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I've got a custom field as such:

"vintrax:zendesk": { "name": "Zendesk ticket", "type": "link", "search": true, "placeholder": "", "fulltext": true }

This custom field allows our users to link our Maniphest task to an existing ticket system called Zendesk.
Note that his field is intentionally optional as task exists where no ticket exists (and will never exists) for this in the Zendesk system.

Pretend that we've got a Maniphest task with a value as such:

Me and my co-workers can only search for Maniphest items whenever we use the Maniphest advanced search and fully provide the link.

The following does not seem possible as this would return no results:

  • To fully provide the link in the search field at the right top of Phabricator
  • To be able to search for 8888 in the Maniphest advanced search when entering this in the custom Zendesk ticket field
  • To be able to search for 8888 in the search field at the right top of Phabricator

This result into having my co-workings to think that no Maniphest task exists and new (unnecessary) tasks are created, leading to chaos. The provided solution by my co-workers is to make partial search available so they are able to search for 8888 as the value of this field uses the following format:<uniqueId>

In my working environment, we always communicate the unique identifier as this link always has the same prefix

Is it possible to be able to introduce a partial search and to do something for the search field in the right top?
Or is there something else I could do in order to make it easier for my co-workers to search for this unique identifier?

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Is this feature request only for Zendesk URLs?

this could be used with any ticketing system - most ticketing systems have constant prefixes for urls.

External ticket system sync / coordination is Doorkeeper for us. If this task is just about making other ticket systems better integrated in Phabricator, it'd just get merged over there.

In T9921#147407, @chad wrote:

Is this feature request only for Zendesk URLs?

Exactly what @johnny-bit said. But in my specific use case, it indeed only applies to Zendesk URL's.

And ah, I wasn't aware of the Doorkeeper project. Good to know! And this task actually isn't really about integrating Zendesk in Phabricator, which would be great - but I've read somewhere that Phabricator will never integrate ticketing systems so I kind of assumed that will never happen. (I really can't remember where I read it, it's quite long ago.

My issue is actually about having a custom link field and not being able to execute a partial search when provided a link.
If this is considered as a "Wont fix", than I gladly would apply a new feature request, asking for Zendesk integration. Please let me know what you would advise?

Well, Doorkeeper looks like hard-integrations. Situation like searchable
zendesk links are IMO more suited for simple custom fields - for example we have
customers that use Kayako, Zendesk, osTicket, etc, and simply link to those
externals with cusstom fields. Partial searches for perticular ID would be great
for all those cases, using single field like "external ticket id".

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Our goal is always to solve the core problem, and workarounds are not something we'd generally want to add to the product. If the core problem is poor integration / discoverability between other ticketing systems, that's the problem we'd want to solve. That's Doorkeeper right now or maybe even parts of Nuance. Overall it makes more sense to me to track and resolve external monograms as first class objects than to hack something into custom fields to do something less flexible/powerful.