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Header buttons on dashboard panels are lost when panels are embedded in a tab panel
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I'd like to be able to see the full results of a query from a truncated list in a dashboard. The search icon handles this well for query panels, but tabbed panels don't include this header.

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Specifically, you're talking about this?

  • Create a Query panel.
  • Click the "" icon in the upper right to see full results list.
  • Now embed the query panel inside a tab panel.
  • No longer any way to access the full result list.


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I believe D20336 fixes the primary practical issue here, by adding a "View All Results" button to the bottom of query panels (including query panels inside tab panels), when there are more results:

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 10.40.10 AM.png (340×1 px, 45 KB)

In cases where a query panel inside a tab panel is showing all the results, there's still no way to get to the standalone search UI (in a non-tab panel, the "View All Results" button in the header would be the way to do this). This should still be fixed, but I'd guess 95% of the time the button at the bottom of the list solves the actual problem.

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I'm just going to mark this as "Wontfix", since:

  • the only actual use case (getting a link to the full results) is resolved by the "View All" button;
  • the general case of this has no obvious path forward because tab panels may be embedded in other tab panels.

If additional use cases arise, we can deal with them on a case-by-case basis.