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Removing devices from Almanac services
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I was creating some documentation on how to create Almanac devices and bind them to an Almanac service. Once I was finished, I realized that I can't remove the device bindings (unless I am missing something)

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I also found this to be an issue. I am guessing that it wasn't initially added because it needs some locking mechanics in place to make sure you are not removing a device that may currently be in use.

This will likely be a two part thing.

  • "Abandon" service so that it does not take any new connections
  • Remove the service one it has completed all tasks.

I think devices suffer from a similar issue in that I don't see any way currently to remove an interface after you add it. I would assume it would be very similar to the process above.

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D15345 adds these capabilities:

  • Bindings can be disabled in the UI, and Drydock will respect this. This status is reported in the API (
  • Interfaces with no bindings can be deleted.

There's no top-level "disabled" status on Services yet, although I'll probably add this at some point. I'm not sure there's a use case for it quite yet.

Er,, rather.