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Unable to scroll after clicking on inline comment link in Chrome 46
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After updating Chrome to version 46, scrolling ceases to work in Differential, when viewing a revision after clicking on any inline comment.

Mouse wheel, keyboard arrows/pgup/pgdow/home/end, grabbing scrollbar - nothing works while there is a valid hash in the URL (e.g. #inline-3673). Viewport stays centered on the inline comment and there is no way to get out, except for manually removing the anchor from URL and reloading.

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I gave a quick test on a laptop / Mac / Chrome 46 and can't really reproduce anything on @epriestley can you?

I also can't reproduce this with a similar setup (OSX / Macbook / Chrome 46).

Mac Desktop / Mouse / Chrome 46 also works fine. @oujesky what OS are you running and is your Phabricator at HEAD?

Tried on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

As for HEAD, I am not sure, I am not admin of our instance, have to check how old is our version.

This does not reproduce for me with Chrome 46 on Windows 7.

@oujesky, does it reproduce for you on this install? For example, at the link @chad used earlier? We are at HEAD here.

I tried to reproduce the issue here, but it looks fine (not sure which version is deployed here). I tried on and I can scroll with every means.

I presume you are behind D12789, which was May 2015.

oujesky claimed this task.

Yes, you are right, we are on version from April 2015. Sorry for that.

Yeah, I have the same guess as @chad on this.

I'm going to close this since we can't reproduce it and you can't reproduce it against this install. See this document for discussion of reproduction steps and upgrading being the most common solution for issues:

The most likely cause of this problem is that you are ~6 months out of date. You may be able to resolve this locally by asking your administrator to upgrade to HEAD.

If this doesn't fix it, we need better reproduction steps before we can proceed.