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Phame "Oblivious" skin a few rough edges
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Easiest fix here is to provide a "No Skin" skin (T9545), but the "Oblivious" skin we ship with is substantially rough.

Since "Oblivious" was just a play on "Svbtle" and it seems like the hype train on that has died down and that Medium is the new cool thing that we should be inartfully mocking, maybe we should retire "Oblivious" and replace it with a large-generic-cover-art skin called "Average".

These concerns probably apply no matter what since the root issue is just that we don't have a good blog-flavored variant style for Remarkup.

  • New Blogs without Posts show 404 content.
  • Post pages have no title:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.55.30 AM.png (55×875 px, 12 KB)

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I'm planning to just remove skin support in T9897.