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No Remarkup parsing for blog description in blog/live view
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Blogs have a description field which supports Remarkup formatting. The Remarkup is nicely displayed in the Phame view (/phame/view/some_blog_number).

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However, when that same description field is displayed in the blog/live view (/phame/live/some_number/), it is the raw text that is shown.

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Phame is a prototype application, and will likely undergo heavy reworking before it's ready for production.

I am aware of that, but as @epriestley added some tasks for Phame, I thought: "why not had some more". :-)

The difficulty in taking bugs is that it assumes a direction, and right now I'm not sold on a direction of keeping "skins". I'd rather take a really solid pass at "NoSkin" and leave it at that for v1, and maybe look at skins again in v2. Mostly though @epriestley and I haven't really discussed it much, so the direction remains up in the air. Phame was something I've considered working on in some spare time.