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Author of email not added to maniphest subscribers
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We discovered today that a lot of people mailing in tickets aren't getting emailed about updates to them. After some testing we found out that the author of the email isn't getting added to the subscribers-list, and therefore doesn't get any updates.

Our setup is a small fetchmail-procmail-chain that checks for new emails on an account and sends them to the mail_handler.php-script included in the phabricator distribution. Our phabricator-install is relatively up to date, and the mail_handler-script doesn't seem to have been updated since.

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Do they not have Phabricator accounts?

They do, but most people adding issues are non-IT personel, and their tech-proficiency varies widely, so we've chosen to recommend email for posting issues.

Can you provide more details on how we can reproduce the issue? If I email in here, it matches my account and adds me automatically as a subscriber. I have my settings set to not email on self actions, so I don't receive any email back until some other action is taken on the ticket.

You can also troubleshoot mail issues in /mail/. Here's an example of a mail action from me mailing in a new ticket. If someone says "I'm not getting mails!" you can go here with them and find out why.

pasted_file (406×1 px, 88 KB)

People send emails to our bug-email, fetchmail fetches it, passes on to procmail which sends it to mail_handler.php. Ticket gets created, sender gets added to author (if the address is unknown, we're setting a "catch-all" account as author), but does not get added to subscribers, and therefore won't get any updates when we change things in the ticket unless we manually add the person to subscribers. I will upgrade to the latest version just to be sure, but I can't see any changes related to our issue.

I used the .bin/mail script to see outgoing, and no mail is sent to the author-user unless manually added to subscribers

No change unfortunately, this is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 21.48.51.png (986×3 px, 195 KB)

We haven't done any modifications to the code, so shouldn't be any third-party stuff either :/

/mail/ is the best means of debugging mail, since it will tell you why mail isn't sent.

Can you reply to T9376 and help me reproduce the issue?

chad renamed this task from /scripts/mail/mail_handler.php: Author of email not added to maniphest subscribers to Author of email not added to maniphest subscribers.Sep 9 2015, 8:11 PM

You are welcome to arc patch D14086 and see if it works, I don't have a good place to test this right now.

Applied the patch but it doesn't seem to solve the issue unfortunately. Still looks the same as before, author not added to subscribers

Thanks a bunch for solving this so quickly :)