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Link profile image in feed
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Is there a reason why the avatar image isn't linked to the prospective profile?

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 19.32.48.png (94×790 px, 25 KB)

While the actual user name is linked, you'd expect the image is also linked to the same profile. Just a tiny usability improvement, IMHO.

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Please check out for filing feature requests, mostly we want people to describe the problem when asking for things. In this case it's more important for me to understand what information is on the profile that you are looking for often, and can I just automatically provide that on timeline.

Thanks @chad for reminding me about feature request, will try to follow the instructions more closely.

We should do this everywhere, but if we can also improve Timeline or Hovercards, we'd like to know that too.

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Although timeline is now linked, I think feed still isn't linked?

Right - I've miss-read the title.

Can I set looks an intern on this?

Can I set looks an intern on this?

I think this is missing a word or something, but this is reasonable to give to someone as an onboarding task, yeah. Should be pretty straightforward and similar to D14283 to finish it up, I think.

I may have wanted to say "set loose"... :)

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I just noticed this task as a beginner task. Shall I try to fix this?

I just looked around in the codebase, is PHUIFeedStoryView.php the file involved?

I'd say it's a level or two up from the view controller, since setImageHref exists in PHUIFeedStory, but isn't being called.

Is it in PhabricatorFeedStory or PhabricatorFeedBuilder from the folder src/applications/feed. If I'm looking in the wrong place, could you please clarify what you meant as "level or two up".

I don't know where the bug is, so I'm not sure how to guide you to fix it without fixing it myself.

It took me a little, but I found the source and fixed it. Sorry, this was probably a bit hairier than expected.

Poking around the source code was fun. Please find time to put up minor issues like these for newbs. Thanks :)

Unfortunately if it's a 5-10 minute bug fix, we'll just fix it.

There is a Badge Awarded tag for easy-ish contributions.

Is there any way to sort Differential diffs by how simple the change is? Is there a tag for small bug fixes so newbs can come in and see how a small problem was fixed?