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Auto magically self assigned no reply email for git privacy
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Sometimes it happens that we are not willing to communicate our login email when committing.
While it is always possible to create a "dumb" email and add it to verified email, it could be cool if account can come with a preconfigured email.
Let say something like : {{username}}+noreply@{{phabricator instace domain}

Github has a similar feature and personnaly, i'm using this a lot.

Of course this can be part of a much bigger project {{username}}+xxxx@{{phabricator instace domain} are routed to compherence, but it is another story

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Still - wouldn't You have to also configure git for repo to use phabricator-mail? Plus - routing to conpherence is IMO more dangerous than simply forwarding to mailbox (where once can set up nice filters and spamhandlers).

This feels hypothetical to me, can you go into more detail the issues your users are having with Phabricator? If this is really an issue, can you not just get another gmail account instead? Like @johnny-bit mentioned, most installs (99.9%) are private and only a handful are public, there isn't any reason I can think of to pursue this. has more information on what we look for when exploring hypothetical feature requests.

My use case here is when you are developing on a public project (a phabricator public instance or a private phabricator that is mirrored into a public github api <- my case).

Currently I'm developing an opensource social network for an alumni (so I restricted my phabricator to email adresses like and it would be mirrored to github.
We have no time to support it and basically it would be so alpha that we wouldn't start to listen external issue any time soon. But we are still willing to at least publish the code.
Most of us fears already existant spam if we keep our email while syncing to github.

So I find three possibility :

  • a noreply adress : easy for my devs (not that much maybe 20) and easy for sysop (me) but need dev upstream (you or me contributing)
  • a dumb adress : why not, best workaround but a lbit harder for dev
  • using staging area a programming a bot that will and then cut commit to another branch published in github (hard for me)

I fully understand your concerns so if you found this unuseful, pls close this and i will pick the second solution.

Your usecase is similar to what we do usually with open-projects. However, as I said in Conpherence, with this the issue still lies in git configuration. Even having noreply address would need to set up git for that repo to author's noreply mail... Plus with mail like "username+noreply@phabricatordomain" it would be almost automatic to guess proper mail (which is forced in my company and some of our clients) whis usually would be simplu dropping +noreply and phabricator from mailaddres ;)

Easiest solution for all involved would be IMO your second suggestion - dumb address. After all any user can have multiple mail addresses and those will be recognized by phabricator if configured, right? No coding involved and couple clicks away + git configuration You'd have to do either way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Or am I mistaken?

no you are perfectly right !
it is a ice compromise :)
closing this