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Generate mail and notifications for an object when it is mentioned on another object
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Aug 30 2015, 3:55 AM
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I would like to receive emails/notifications when a task that I am subscribed to is mentioned. I had a situation in which someone's diff basically said "this is now possible because Txyz has been resolved". Their understanding was, in fact, incorrect and I only came across it because I was browsing through recently closed tickets in order to generate a weekly report. This would have allowed me to notice this issue (misunderstanding of the state of a particular task) earlier.

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(Happy to implement this if it is desirable for the upstream)

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sounds good to me

Implementing this feature just involves deleting the code in PhabricatorApplicationTransaction->shouldHideForMail() which prevents these from sending mail.

They're currently hidden because:

  • when you're subscribed to both objects (task/task, task/commit, commit/revision, etc.), this tends to generate a duplicate event which has no value to you (you get mail about X having a comment, and about Y being mentioned in a comment on X);
  • the value of these is normally pretty low;
  • general issues in T9161.

I'd like to have a clearer path forward on T9161 before pursuing this.

It's probably also worthwhile to implement some idea of "related events", and pass that down the Editor stack, so if we tell user A about the original edit, they don't get notifications or mail about the implicit edit on the related object. Maybe.

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(A similar block in shouldHideForFeed() prevents these from publishing redundant feed stories, and stops the actual notifications.)

oh, I completely misread this. I thought it was mentioned me not mentioned thing I'm subscribed to. I'd like to recant my 'sounds great' to 'idk'.

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