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Ability to award Badges based on Project
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It would be great if Badges could be awarded based on the projects a user is a member of. E.g. members of #administrators get an administrator badge to allow other users to quickly identify them.

Split off from T6526#128419 to allow easier reference.

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Do you want this capability in general, or all your intended use cases also account attributes (e.g., administrators)?

Badges is a prototype application:

Specifically, we're just in the "gather use cases" mode, with is T6526. (we do plan to build this in general, but need to understand all needs / use cases first before planning any implementations).

@epriestley: I would also like to tag "internal" users (who are all in one Project), because they also have elevated rights compared to "external collaborators". Or alternatively tag "external users", which in the end has the same effect (T9162).