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Mark users with external accounts in the UI
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It would be great if I could see immediately from the Phabricator UI (e.g. hovercard) whether a user possesses a certain type of external account.

Possible solution: Creating an automated badge that displays for all users with certain types of external accounts would solve this.

Use case: On our install all internal users register and authenticate via a custom authentication provider (REMOTE_USER via GSSAPI authentication). Using such a badge we could easily distinguish internal and external users.

Related: T5504

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Another solution to the mentioned use case would be to automatically put users into Projects (T3980 or external scripts until that is implemented) and then award Badges based on Projects (T9163).

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I think projects/badges are a better approach for this.

Although purely identifying a provider doesn't necessarily create an issue, we previously linked to your external account (e.g., your Facebook page). I removed this because it felt too privacy-violating. I think it's generally better to keep authentication information completely private in the general case.