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Searching the wiki takes too many clicks
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Currently to search on the wiki, you need to enter a search, hit enter, then edit the query to certain documents, having to start typing out "phriction", then re-submitting the query. It's an annoying mix of mouse & keyboard movements.

Even if I first select Phriction, there is no phriction-specific search field (that i've found).

Secondary motivation: I like to use chrome with custom search engines so I can quickly submit a search without loading the home page first. There is no url in which I can insert a search query (e.g. If this were present, I wouldn't care about clicking around.

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Faster method:

Screenshot 2015-08-03 18.16.29.png (246×542 px, 31 KB)

  • Perform a search using the search bar at the top of the page

You only have to perform the second step once (it's sticky), so this makes searching the wiki a two-step process. It does not, however, fix your custom search engine use case.

By inspecting the network call that that search field makes, I was able to find a URL for the custom search engine use case:

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ah, thanks! On our install, the icon doesn't show up:
so I never thought to click it:

as for the custom search, amazing! It works when I swap in our host. I'm baffled as to how you found that url, as when I recorded network calls I didn't get anything like that:

thanks for the help! I guess it was user error then?

It looks like your install is running custom CSS (the icon is there, just white)

(ps there is a "light" theme in Phabricator now, if you want to use it properly)

Our install isn't running any custom CSS. One of our engineers published a Chrome extension that re-skins Phabricator, and it looks like @ianm is running that extension. Ian, disabling the extension should help.

(I'll also follow-up with the engineer responsible for that extension.)

See T4213 for "we change CSS all the time and your stuff will break every few months if you mess with it".

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