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GPG signed emails confuse phabricator
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When sending a GPG signed mail in reply to a phabricator mail, differential creates an attachment:

While I don't expect phabricator to verify GPG emails it would be nice if it ignored GPG signatures and didn't create an attachment as a result of each message :\

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We are also having this issue at Whonix's phabricator tracker:

Since this isn't clear from the previous posts: In my case, GPG signed mails ONLY create an attachment. The actual contents of the mail get discarded.

Disregard this. That was a pebkac error. Contents are added as comments, and so it the signature.

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It sounds like behavior here is basically correct/expected (content is treated as content; attachments are treated as attachments) and the original report was a top-posting vs quoting issue perhaps (see also T5181), just not ideal (preferable would be validating the signature, or at least discarding these attachments).

See T13233 for broader discussion of PGP support.