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Ability to flag dashboards and users
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Many PMs at my company maintain custom dashboards for their pods, and this works great. As the CTO I also have a custom dashboard that contains, among other things, a list of my flagged objects.

However, I must also maintain a "bookmarks" text panel that merely contains links to things that aren't currently flaggable. Here's a screenshot:

Screenshot 2015-07-18 10.34.34.png (576×2 px, 134 KB)

As you can see, I have a list of user callsigns and links in the bookmarks panel -- it seems odd to me that I can't include dashboards and users as flags.

Or, alternatively, there may be a better way of accomplishing what I'm trying to do that I'm unaware of. Either way, this is obviously not an urgent issue, but I am curious if this fits into phabricator's long-term roadmap.

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