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Replacement for actAsUser in Conduit API
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We have an internal tool that uses the Conduit API to let users file tasks against other users.

Previously, we were able to use actAsUser to set the author of the task to be the person using the tool. Since D13120, all tasks created with this tool have had the same author.

We would like some way to record who used this tool to create the task.

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We don't plan to restore actAsUser in any form to the upstream, since it violates policies and can not be made safe (in the sense of not-policy-violating).

Some alternatives are:

  • Use a bot user, and record the proxy author in a custom field, in the description, or in a comment.
  • Use OAuth, after T7303 or similar (currently, OAuth works but only supports user.whoami, since we haven't fully sorted out the permissions model; there's also no JS client written yet).
  • Write a custom endpoint that generates an API token for an arbitrary user. Like actAsUser, this represents a huge reduction in the strength of the security model.
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See above.

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