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Inline commenting that’s actually fast and real-time
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Instead of having to reload the page to post comments.

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My experience is inline comments usually aren't chat-like and would not make sense if synchronized in real time. It's intentional that they don't publish for other users until the author is ready to share them. For example, I often make an inline asking about something I don't understand, but later understand it after looking at more of the diff. I also often make an inline pointing out an instance of a larger theme, but the comment on its own doesn't make sense without the larger explanatory text. In both of these cases, publishing them before I'm ready to share the comments would be confusing or unclear.

Are you using inline comments in a much different way?

I agree with @epriestley here. For real time chat about a diff conpherence or in person usually works better than comments. Its not uncommon for me to write something like "see above" or "see comment" or "this is an example" when I haven't written the meta-comment yet.

Sorry I think from the doc we wrote up discussing phabricator's issues, we were not clear in what we would like.

What was originally meant was this: the comment UI should load optimistically. I should be able to click on the section I would like to comment on and it should be instant. Currently, Phabricator makes a round-trip to the server and the user is left waiting for a second or two until the comment UI appears.

Real-time commenting, I would agree, is not necessary and, indeed, should not show up until the user posts those comments.

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