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Ability to query audits where all auditors have replied
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We've been using Phabricator very successfully for post commit audits and can set up a query for the following statuses (with my interpretation in brackets):

  • Authored Commit (No Audit)
  • Completed Audit (Commits I've audited)
  • Need Attention (Commits I need to look at)
  • Problem Commits (Commits someone has raised a concern with)

However there's one feature that would be really useful to us, something like

  • Finished Audit (Where all auditors have approved, raised concern or resigned)

This is what we all assumed at first that "Completed Audit" meant, until we saw we were all getting different results.

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I believe this is probably obsoleted by D17192, or will be obsoleted by T2393.

Broadly, we don't consider commits with a concern raised to be "finished": the author is expected to work with the auditor to address the concern, and the auditor should accept the commit once they are satisfied that things have been dealt with. The commit will then become "Audited".

D17192 generally improves dashboarding (see T9430 for some context). T2393 will improve the workflow. See also T10978.