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Additional workflow to facilitate pull-request
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Is there builtin functionality for what would amount to:

arc pull D##

I am helping migrate some mercurial repositories to Phabricator, but a sticking point is properly implementing our pull request workflow.

Some repositories are tightly controlled and non-pushable except by a few users. When running

arc patch D###

to apply the patch prior to

hg push

Arcanist create a new commit message which then invalidates the hash of the commit submitted for differential by the user, and interjects additional information into the commit message that we don't want.

Is there a way, I can pull from the differential revision and then push.

IE: arc pull

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No: The original commit just isn't there.
T5580 and T4333 talks about similar cases.

The extra information you're getting is the details about the revision (Title, description, test plan, reviewers ,url, etc). The original commit message is parsed to generate some of this information, but the actual commit object is never uploaded to phabricator.

If you're coming from a GitHub-like system, take a look at T4482: Document one or two reasonable workflows for Github repositories.

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See also T8238, T1508, T5000, T2714. We may eventually build something like this, but it would be incidental to other features. I'm just going to close this since the spectrum of use cases is entirely covered in other tasks.