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Misconfigured Elasticsearch can fatal the setup issue process
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Hello! Yesterday we did git pull the latest commits, and now no one page of phabricator does not work -

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What we can do, to have quick up our system back?

You may be able to run this command:

phabricator/ $ ./bin/config delete

If that doesn't work, wait for D12948 to land and then upgrade.

Thanks, it works! But now any search results still show nothing.

I also get the same erro this morning ! Does one comit change the way elasticsearch must be configured ?

rP16a8ed72bdda: Modernize search engine selection actually broke the elasticsearch integration. The Selector class that was removed did the initialisation of the ElasticSearchEngine (setting the and namespace) which is completely missing now so the executeRequest just calls /_status/ without any protocol/domain which results in the malformed url exception.

Attached diff would be a quick fix. Probably not the right place to put it though. There seems to be no good place to actually call the new setURI/setIndex

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Presuming this is resolved by D12967.

The way the ElasticSearch engine class works is still a little odd (it is sort of undecided about whether it is a general-purpose, loosely-coupled, configurable class or a tightly-coupled, auto-configured class) but this concern is largely philosophical and I don't think it needs to be addressed until we're touching this part of the code again.