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Allow global searching of repository names (instead of commits)
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I have a large set of repositories, and users are starting to have trouble finding the repo details of the many repo's they might have to use.

Ideally, I would like to be able to enter (part) of the display name in the main Search bar, and surface the names + description pages of the repo's in the drop down. So basically there would be a new searchable document type: "diffusion repositories" as opposed to "diffusion commits".

An alternate approach might be to surface the repo's that are connected to a project in the project description page, so that they are easier to find.
I've tried explaining to the users that they could use the "Advanced search" of diffusion, but that simply doesn't seem to stick with the users... :(

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Type r and then part of a repository name, like:

r phabricator

See this document for other tips:

See also T3102.

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