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Handle folder copies/moves more gracefully
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With svn, copying folders is a common operation for branching, tagging, etc. Diffusion currently shows a line item for each subfolder and file within the directory.

There are two main issues with this:

  1. It makes it very easy to hit the 1000 file limit for diffusion to consider it an "Enormous Commit" where it will refuse to show anything. There is no way to coerce it to show more.
  2. It also obscures the actual intent of the commit (say copying trunk to a branch), instead requiring somebody to look through the line items for each one and see that it was just a plain copy

A folder move doubles the count (and exacerbates this issue).

Suggestions for possible improvement:

  • Add a button to allow users to override the enormous file block.
  • If the svn operation is just a plain copy or move, show it as such. I think this most ideally models the way svn uses these operations. (i.e. just show /project/tag/20150305 as new instead of every subfile as well).

Tangentially related to T7467.

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