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No way to disable web notifications for token awards
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Mar 5 2015, 8:00 PM
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"Like" token, awarded by quiddity."Heartbreak" token, awarded by chad."Love" token, awarded by joshuaspence."The World Burns" token, awarded by epriestley.


On I've configured:

Email Notifications: Send me email notifications
Self Actions: Do not send me an email when I take an action


  • Ignore: A commit is created.
  • Email: A commit has a concerned raised against it.
  • Ignore: A commit is accepted.
  • Ignore: A commit has an auditor resign.
  • Ignore: A commit is closed.
  • Ignore: A commit has auditors added.
  • Ignore: A commit's subscribers change.
  • Ignore: A commit's projects change.
  • Email: Someone comments on a commit.
  • Ignore: Other commit activity not listed above occurs.

Maniphest Tasks:

  • Ignore: A task's status changes.
  • Ignore: A task's owner changes.
  • Ignore: A task's priority changes.
  • Ignore: A task's subscribers change.
  • Ignore: A task's associated projects change.
  • Ignore: One of the tasks a task is blocked by changes status.
  • Ignore: A task is moved between columns on a workboard.
  • Email: Someone comments on a task.
  • Ignore: Other task activity not listed above occurs.

Pholio Mocks:

  • Ignore: A mock's status changes.
  • Ignore: Someone comments on a mock.
  • Ignore: Mock images or descriptions change.
  • Ignore: Other mock activity not listed above occurs.

Yet, when people award tokens to issues I'm subscribed to, the token awards always result in Web notifications on Phabricator. (And it seems we occasionally have seemingly spammy accounts that sometimes award a bunch of tokens all over the place.)

Wikimedia report:

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but but but

everyone loves tokens

I love them when I see them, but I don't need to click three times to get rid of their notifications.

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I'm going to merge this into T10448, which discusses limitations and improvements to the mail tags system. This is an example of a cross-cutting tag ("No Application/System Settings") that isn't handled gracefully by the current system, but correcting this and other similar issues is a goal of future work.