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Default landing page for projects should be info + feed
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After a recent update, now the default destination of project labels and suggestions links are project workboards, when they exist. If not, they point to the info page. This is problematic for several reasons.

From a user point of view, the UX is inconsistent. Sometimes you land in a workboard, sometimes not, sometimes you land in a workboard which is useless because someone created it as a test or something. Also, especially in open projects there is a probability that users

Wouldn't it be better to offer a consistent, reliable, and also informative landing page by default? Every project has basic information, and any project alive has a feed. A page combining both would be a good landing page.

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About problems derived of having workboard as default project view, see:

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I don't feel consistent is the correct path here, specifically because each project "container" serves vastly different purposes and your reason for visiting those pages vary wildly. The point of auto-switching is to adhere to the fundamental design principle of being an efficient tool for power users. It solves the core issue of taking the user in the majority of cases, to their correct destination. If the role and feature set of Projects continues as it has, a consistent landing experience will often be the less efficient for productivity.

I am OK with figuring out how installs can perhaps have more control over these features, though.

Yeah, I want to clean up T7410 first, at a minimum, before looking at this. As a heavy Phabricator user on this install (where we haven't had anyone clicking workboard buttons randomly), my experience since we implemented this is that the workboard rule always takes me to the correct page (and that page is usually the workboard).

Ok, for what is worth this is my own experience:

I consider myself a power user, and about half of the time I want to see a workboard (mostly in the projects I'm involved with ) and the other half I want to see the description of the project, who is joining / watching, etc (mostly in tags and other projects I'm not involved with). This is true for an instance like this one (relatively small, where I follow just a handful of projects, and where workboards are quite often irrelevant) and for Wikimedia Phabricator (with close to thousand projects in total and a variety of workboard relevance that goes from an accidental single Backlog column to fully organized sprints).

As a power user I was happy about the possibility to choose whether I want to jump to project info or to workboard from tasks. Sometimes I would rely on saved URLs in my browser (which is a power user thing to do, even if not ideal UX). Now I have to rely more often on saved URLs, because I know that clicking those labels or search suggestions will send me where I don't want to go.

I also think T3670 and T5558 also play into this. Specifically, if we rocked those tasks, then that could essentially complete this task, as in the value of "details" rises significantly enough that the switcher is a toss up. M1421 for record has discussion on this feature.

Should we just merge this to T5558? The discussion there was around making Project homes be "Dashboards", so you'd install a Global or specific set on a per project basis or just design a super-awesome-dashboard by default.

In T7418#99197, @chad wrote:

M1421 for record has discussion on this feature.

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Merging with T5558 might make sense, now that you mention it.