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Minor introduction of a sidenav and cleaned up details page. This would come with a sticky nav that saves whatever view the user is last on for each project. Default probably stay details view (for logged out users). This was based on our loose discussion over coffee.

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I dig it. :)

Implementation details - I'm assuming each tab is really a separate page load? Also, the icon bar thing on the left does not exist and would need to be generic? (As opposed to a one off just for projects.)

Also, I think we'd still need a preference about which tab loads by default when you visit a profile - thoughts on that?

I think we could punt on the preference, and just stay with "details". It's at least not a regression and will be a better experience.

The sidenav would just be built as an option on our current sidenav ui library, so not too much work there. I think I can build all of this reasonably except the sticky preferences part.

Okay, if you make a UI I can hook it up and do sticky preferences. That's roughly going to be

  • a new controller that loads the project, loads the sticky preference, then delegates to the correct, preference-specified controller
  • sticky preference object + storage
    • userPHID, objectPHID, preferenceData
    • just going to stick it in projects application for now, though theoretically we could use it for other stuff maybe

What do the five icons correspond to? I'm grokking:

Also, the "edit main" controller is a bit funky. Its kind of a view controller showing you just the project details and a transaction log against the project. You click "edit details" to actually get to the edit page. How does this fit into things here? (In particular, should the "edit details" page have this new left nav thing on it?)

I think they're:

  • Profile
  • Board
  • Feed (new tab?)
  • (Edit) Members
  • Edit Details

We had an idea for this in the car which might let us get away without sticky / preferences:

  • If the workboard has been initialized for the project, default to the workboard.
  • Otherwise, default to the profile.

Not sure if that'll feel good enough, but it'd be a lot simpler if it works.

Inline Comments

Projects home - should probably use an actual app icon and differentiate or remove outright.

This is 'details', can't really identify a better icon right now.

+1 for workboard by default if initialized, profile otherwise.

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this area strikes me as subpar