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Improve storage scalability in the cluster
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See T7346 for discussion.

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There's now a host swap command which automates most of the mechanics of this. Needs a little more work but this is significantly less error-prone now.

I have no idea if we are a typical corporate user or not, not if on-premise users will be like SaaS users. Anyway if it happens to be a useful example we have:

  • 2 GiB of files
  • 3 GiB of repos
  • mysql dump gzipped is 1.6 GiB

That includes imports from trac and whatnot going back 8 years.

There's now a host prune command to destroy backups that are out of the retention period.

@cburroughs: Thanks for pulling that data, it's reassuring to get some level of confirmation that my idea of what an "average" install size is isn't too far off.

We generally seem to have a reasonable handle on this after all.