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diffusion - doesn't understand svn Replace operation
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I'm getting the following exception when trying to view a page in differential:

Command failed with error #1!
svn --non-interactive --no-auth-cache --username 'xxxxx' --password 'xxxxx' cat 'svn://fr-svn/lib2/tags/20150123/test/'


svn: warning: W160013: File not found: revision 27843, path '/lib2/tags/20150123/test/'
svn: E200009: Could not cat all targets because some targets don't exist
svn: E200009: Illegal target for the requested operation


  • The url for this revision is /rM27844
  • It looks like differential is looking for the file with the wrong revision number (27843 instead of 27844)
  • This commit was a tag, aka a copy from trunk to a new directory, but it was looks like it was invoked off the working copy (svn cp . ^/tags/20150123/). This makes the history a little wonky; it shows up as a copy of the base directory (trunk->20150123) as well as some of the individual files from the same base revision.

Let me know if there's more info that would be helpful.

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Can this be closed now? I don't think there's enough in here to reproduce.

I suspect it's due to the replace status code. Specifically, if a specific path is removed + added, it shows as different than a modify. When this is then copied, it looks like SVN is showing this code for the new path of the file too. See /rSVNTEST8.

As before, let me know if there's more info that would be helpful.

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