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Find somewhat simple way to have Phriction be a part of new Projects layout
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We still have a number of users that liked the auto-linked project wiki and found it useful. With the new design it'd be nice to have some means of providing a shortcut to project wiki from the sidebar. Pie in sky idea might be something like adding the ability to set the wiki home in the Edit Details page, and if set, show it as a sidebar item like we do Maniphest.

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Assuming things don't change up too much, maybe something like:

  • Applications can provide side nav panels.
  • Phriction panel queries for pages tagged with the project.
    • If there are zero, we can give you a quick way to create one in a reasonable default location and tag it with the project.
    • If there is exactly one, we can embed the page.
    • If there are multiple, we can show a list.

Then we don't need extra settings.

+1 to get this to happen. Easily and "officially" connect a Phab project and a wiki page is very useful, especially for new users when needing to navigate around. You can certainly make a convention but then it needs to be enforced and this never works 100%.

Since projects can have custom fields, how about a field that's for a link to a wiki page?

It would be ideal to have a direct wiki link in this nav bar when looking at a project:

pasted_file (256×63 px, 10 KB)

I agree that we should have a single wiki page set as "Project Wiki Home" or the like, set from Projects (with appropriate edit permissions), not from Phriction. Then, if someone wants a page to be "associated" with a project, but not the homepage, they simply add it beneath that main page (or link to it on the main page). That should resolve any confusion about what it means to 'associate a page'.

Our wiki houses documentation, standards, resource pages, references, ideas, lists of links, "whiteboards", and a ton of other stuff. It's all pretty well organized with links, and FWIW, I really don't see any good reason for additional Phriction pages to be linked to a project. Grabbing an automatically-generated megalist of all the pages that are "associated" with a project would be unnavigable, and the association wouldn't help organize anything better than just creating wiki links, as you mentioned.

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You can now add links to wiki pages, conpherences, etc., to the sidebar.

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