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Unable to rename project and add former primary hashtag as additional hashtag
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When renaming a project, it is common practice to keep the old hashtag for backwards compatibility and in order to produce an HTTP redirect for the old project page.

However it seems the software doesn't support renaming a project and adding its (former) primary hashtag as additional hashtag at the same time. This requiring two edits instead of one.

Possibly related:

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I was able to rename a project and add the old name as a hashtag? Is this possibly an issue related to older versions?

Project edit screen:

Screen_Shot_2015-01-08_at_2.29.51_PM.png (422×754 px, 37 KB)

Not at the same time. I just tried in this instance, and you get this error message:

Project hashtag wikimedia is already the primary hashtag.

Screenshot_from_2015-01-08_21:59:10.png (900×1 px, 130 KB)

I must have done it in two steps without even thinking about it :)

it would probably make sense to just automatically copy the old primary? I'd guess maybe 90% of the time, that's the desired effect, and when it isn't, just go back and undo.

Storing the previous default hashtag as an additional hashtag automatically would avoid some risk of broken links, yes.

We actually have a related request at