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"Depends on Dx" generates a superfluous edge
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I created D11188 and D11189, with D11189 having Depends on D11189 in the body. This has generated two edges on D11188:

  • joshuaspence added a dependent revision: D11189: Rename the `_phutil_date_format` function for consistency.
  • joshuaspence mentioned this in D11189: Rename the `_phutil_date_format` function for consistency.

This is possibly related to my recent diffs on modernizing edges?

superfluous_edge (744×1 px, 134 KB)

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Without looking, I don't think this is edge related. IIRC, there's a method to identify exempt PHIDs (PHIDs which should not be mentioned), and it might not be including dependent revisions properly.

It's also vaguely possible that D11049 interacts here, but I'd expect it to go the other way (preventing a mention which was expected) if there was a bug with it.