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On the project page, it is not indicated that the "Open Tasks" list is incomplete
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At, for example,, we get a "quick" list of 10 open tasks in that project. The only suggestion that this might not be a complete list of all open tasks in that project is the tiny "View All" button in the top-right corner.

It needs to be made much clearer that the task list on the project page itself is incomplete. We could use a more accurate term, like "Top tasks".

We have seen that this confuses some new/casual users. This is perhaps not a big deal for new users that will keep using Phabricator, because eventually everybody finds out that there are more tasks. However, we have many casual bug reporters that only visit the site when they have a problem, and these might get a more solid wrong impression. Since the problem can be solved with a simple change of string, it is probably worth fixing it.

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T5487 and T5558 likely resolve this "correctly". I can see if there is something small I can do now until then.

We could rename this to "Some (But Not Necessarily All) Open Tasks".

chad added a comment.Dec 17 2014, 5:08 PM

Haha, yeah I'm sort of stumped. We can't give you a number without pulling every task. The other thing is I could build a footer that says (see more...) if the limit is hit. It'd be incorrect though in minor cases.

What we do elsewhere is load 11, show only 10, and show the footer if we got an 11th.

(Or some "there are more things" message, at least.)

chad added a comment.Dec 17 2014, 5:21 PM

omg you so sneaky

In T6772#87809, @chad wrote:

T5487 and T5558 likely resolve this "correctly". I can see if there is something small I can do now until then.

Could this be a 'Top N Tasks By X' text. Then if N is 10 and there is only 10 still right, and it says why these tasks are shown (modtime / priority or whatever). I'm pretty used to the interface but I've thought, why these tasks? And I have also been caught by the "huh not many tasks here" in the beginning days.

chad added a comment.Jan 4 2015, 5:50 PM

This has been changes to "Highest Priority (some | all)" for clarity. T5487 and T5558 likely resolve this further.

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