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"View more" or "View all" in query panels on dashboard
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It would be nice if each of the query panels had a "view more" that would link you to that query. Particularly if the query is limited. If a user is interested in what is showing in one of the query panels, it's not easy for them to view what query is being run and run that themselves.

Hacked together mock up of what this might look like:


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I'd be willing take a stab at this if there is interest.

D9282 adds a first cut at this, it just needs some tweaking.

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You could also consider linkifying the title and make that a query without a limit. That way you can keep your dashboard clean with limits and click the title if you want to dive into more detail or need to see more items.

P.S. <3 this new dashboards feature! Would love to see the ability to plot graphs based on activity later too!

update: ah, missed @chad's comment in D9282#9

That would be problematic if we're using Tab Panel, where clicking on tab name would switch to that tab instead of opening "View All" page.

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In the redesign, there is now a icon linking to the full results. Not sure anything else is needed here.