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Worker queue lease names are unwieldy and could be better implemented
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See T6742, D10998. We currently generate fairly verbose lease names, like:

Functionally, these names only need to be unique. There is also some debugging value in being able to figure out which daemon owns a task (and where it's running), but this is currently conflated with the lease name. After D10998, we also artificially truncate hosts to avoid overflows.

A cleaner approach might be:

  • Use a random lease name.
  • Add a leaseDaemonID column to store the diagnostic identity of the lease owner.
  • Store daemon host, PID in the daemon logs (I think they're already stored there).
  • Maybe write timestamps separately although I don't think these are nearly as diagnostically useful as host/PID.

T6615 discusses some similar opportunities to clean up the structure of this table.