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Pick Filter: view of diffs that need to be picked to master
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often we land a feature on master that needs to be releephed on to the RC candidate, but forget to pick it once approved.

would be great to have an additional flag for diffs that are supposed to be picked and a view for diffs that you need to pick into the RC.

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Releeph is a prototype application, and isn't under development (likely years out).

Ah ok. I thought it was a feature. Makes sense.

We've hit a couple production regressions because we forgot to pick diffs in. Thought it might be easier to flag diffs for releeph. Thanks for the quick response, Chad!

There is some history, but the short answer is Facebook has been unable to provide us support (answer questions, really) in completing the application, so it's on the backburner until other installs need it.

that's silly/lame and really helpful context. I'll see if other devs would find that feature useful.

I'm also not sure how far behind HEAD Facebook is -- last I heard from anyone was about 6-8 months ago, I think. I'm not sure what the situation is now, but in the past this has made feature requests sort of moot because even if we built the thing FB's install might not see it for many months.

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This is a reasonable request overall but FB generally isn't engaged with the upstream and this is some ways away on our roadmap. We'll build out integrations like this when we eventually move Releeph out of the prototype phase: the application is missing significant integrations with other applications right now. I'm going to close this because we generally don't accept feature requests for prototype applications (see @chad's link for details). Releeph and FB are sort of weird special cases with a lot of context around them, but much of that context likely makes it difficult for us to provide this feature for you even if we tried.

This (or some similar general set of status features which let you track revisions and commits through releases) will happen eventually, just probably not for a while, and FB probably won't deploy it until a long time after we build it.

hm, ok. that's interesting. @epriestley / @chad, are you guys working with anyone at fb for integrations at the moment? is there someone i should touch base with internally.

Last we knew, our point of contact was @sowedance. I'm not sure if that's still true. We have very little visibility into FB.

We're also not blocked on Releeph anymore (we were for about 6 months, but did eventually get the questions answered), it just isn't a priority because FB is generally disengaged from the upstream.

(T2714 and the Releeph Workboard have a reasonably good summary of the backlog that we want to get through before adding new capabilities to Releeph. T4691 describes progress so far that will eventually need FB-side coordination to upgrade through, unless it already happened without our involvement.)

wow, ok. there's a bunch of stuff to do. thanks for the context, @epriestley.