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Include commit author context in audit emails
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So it's obvious to whom comments are addressed.

<cburroughs> Would it be reasonable for the diffusion audit emails to say "christopher raised a concern with this commit by FOO" instead of just "christopher raised a concern with this commit"?  Looking for ways to get more context instead of doing @whatever to address comments, since that ought to be implicit from who wrote the commit, but that information isn't in the email
<epriestley> cburroughs: I think that's reasonable, do you want to file something?
<cburroughs> Sure I'll make a ticket
<epriestley> cburroughs: the slightly easier and slightly more consistent approach would be to add "AUTHOR" or "GUILTY PARTIES" under the comment part, and list the author/committer/pusher -- does that seem OK (specifically, if the info is below the comment text?)
<cburroughs> Yep that seems good

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We should wait until the initial email goes through core infrastructure for this.

Actually I guess we can just do this now, the initial email just won't have it until T4896 wraps up. But "x raised a concern" will, which at least covers the original use case, and it will show up in the original email for free once the code is shared.